Bluezone Corporation音效合集(更新至96CD)


Bluezone Corporation音效合集


Bluezone Corporation is a leading manufacturer of sound libraries for computer-based audio production and DJing. The company’s mission is to develop innovative samples, loops and sounds for all musical styles and professions. The resulting products regularly push the boundaries of sound design and open up new creative horizons for professionals and amateurs alike. By giving composers access to all its experience and expertise, and by providing a very broad range of different styles and products, Bluezone Corporation is able to serve a large range of users.



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专辑目录(想找某个专辑可在本页面Ctrl F进行搜索):

  1. Afro Tribal Drum Loops
  2. Altered Zone – Dark Ambient Samples
  3. Advanced Minimal Techno
  4. Ambient Breaks
  5. Arctic Drum and Bass
  6. Austral Drum and Bass
  7. Carbon
  8. Assault Mech Robotic War Unit Sound Effects
  9. Dark Atmospheres And SFX 01
  10. Dark Atmospheres And SFX 02
  11. Bumper Drums
  12. Club Lovers
  13. Dark Cinematic Textures & Sounsd Effect
  14. Dark Techno & Acid Synth
  15. Deep Tech Minimal
  16. Distorted Reality
  17. DNB Zone
  18. Deadspace – Sci Fi Ambiences, Drones and Soundscapes
  19. Downtempo Box
  20. Drum and Bass DJ Tools
  21. Dubstep Adrenaline
  22. Dubstep FX
  23. Eerie Ambiences & Sound Effects
  24. Glitch & Dark Minimal House
  25. Experimental Ambient Samples
  26. Hip Hop Edition
  27. Hip Hop Drum Loops And Hits
  28. Lightning Blue
  29. Ionised Techno Samples
  30. Hip Hop Revelation
  31. Electro FX
  32. Filtered Keys
  33. Orbital Transmission Sci-Fi Sound Effects and Soundscapes
  34. Mixed Ethnic & Cinematic Percussion Loops
  35. Psy Trance Reflexion
  36. Robotic Division Sci-Fi Sound Effects
  37. Motherships Science Fiction Sound Effects
  38. Rock Multitrack Drum Loops
  39. Pandora – Mixed Ambient Pads & Soundscapes
  40. Robotic Assault Textured SFX
  41. Spaceships Science Fiction Sound Effects
  42. Techno Trance Producer
  43. Synthetic Organic Textures
  44. Tech House World
  45. Tribal World
  46. TribalHouse
  47. Score & Break Drum Loops
  48. The Thin Blue Line
  49. Xtreme Dubstep
  50. Xen World Sci Fi Sound Effects and Soundscapes
  51. Tripod Invasion
  52. Zap 01 Video Game Sound Effects
  53. Minimal Charge
  54. Unknown Surface Alien Soundscapes and Sound Effects
  55. Dark Movies Ghostly Ambiences and Sound Effects
  56. Zap 02
  57. Modern Analog Kick Drum Samples
  58. FMJ Dramatic Soundscapes and Textures
  59. Interface Sound Effects Futuristic Beeps and Buttons
  60. Exosuit Hybrid Exoskeleton Sound Effects
  61. Abyss Deep Atmospheric Sounds and Soundscapes
  62. Artificial FX
  63. Chillout Revelation
  64. Score & Break Producer
  65. Overflow – Hard Dance Drums
  66. Autobots – Transformers Sound Effects
  67. Cinematic Session – Industrial Samples & Impacts
  68. Blaster FX
  69. Hard Techno Loops & Schranz Samples
  70. orporation Hardstyle Loops and Hardcore Samples
  71. Dark Movies
  72. Dioxide
  73. Skynet Prototype Military Robot Sound Effects
  74. Progressive Techno Loops
  75. Cinematic Tension Sound Effects
  76. Ethno and Tribal Ambient
  77. Artillery Designed Howitzer and Explosion Sound Effects
  78. Sky Observer Cinematic Samples 02
  79. Abandoned Labs Dark Cinematic
  80. Polarized Worldm Cinematic
  81. Bomb Blast Explosions and Debris Sound Elements
  82. Ambient Injection Evolving Energy
  83. Cinematic Impact Sound Effects
  84. Club SFX DJ Audio Samples
  85. EDM FX Samples
  86. Eternal Grace Experimental Ambient Samples
  87. Exoplanet Alien Soundscapes and Sound Effects
  88. Glitched Techno Tribal House
  89. Ibiza Lounge
  90. Nu Hardstyle & Hardcore Kicks
  91. Tech and Minimal Energy
  92. Trance Traxx
  93. Tribal House Drum Loops
  94. Tribal Techno Loops
  95. Ultimate Progressive House
  96. World Percussion Loops and Samples